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Our mission at Absolutely Clean is to provide a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone. We do it by providing Shaklee products that are so exceptional, you just have to tell your friends.

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For over 50 years, generations of families have counted on Shaklee to do what no other company can do — make products that are naturally safe AND proven effective. Contact Absolutely Clean to purchase products, we’ll be happy to help you.


Naturally Safe

Shaklee makes products that are always naturally safe.


Proven Effective

Our products are proven to be effective and works without compromise.


Safe Top Picks

Every product is designed to improve health and be gentle on the planet.

Just Because
Absolutely Clean Gift Card

Who wouldn’t want maid service for their birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, just home from the hospital, sympathy gift, or JUST BECAUSE!? Share the Gift of time this year with Gift Cards from Absolutely Clean! Gift Cards start at 2.5 Maid Hours and can go up to 10 Maid Hours. 

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2.5 Maid Hours



4 Maid Hours



3 Maid Hours



5 Maid Hours


Freedom for a Year
Absolutely Clean Gift Cards

After years of taking care of everyone else why not treat your special someone to Freedom From Housework For One Whole Year! Includes: 12 gift cards one for a cleaning each month, or 26 gift cards one for a cleaning every other week or 52 gift cards one for a cleaning every week for one full year. We’ll even throw in an extra gift card so that their first cleaning is a double clean.

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12 Gift Cards - 4 Maid Hours Each



52 Gift Cards - 4 Maid Hours Each



26 Gift Cards - 4 Maid Hours Each


King & Queen of the Castle
Absolutely Clean Gift Cards

Enjoying a clean and healthy living environment can be a daunting time consuming tasks leaving little, if any time for fun. Tell the King & Queen of the house just how much you want them to enjoy their Castle, give them A Maid for a year and a Night Out (Dinner and a Movie)!

Includes:12 – 3 hour gift cards, that’s one cleaning for each month of the year. Or give the King & Queen 26 – 3 hour gift cards that’s one cleaning every other week for the year and a $50 gift certificate for the dinner, and a movie tickets for two.

Pick hr/price


Castle 12 Gift Cards - 3 Maid Hours Each



Castle 26 Gift Cards - 3 Maid Hours Each


Purchase ANY Dollar Amount

Share the Gift of time in ANY dollar amount of your choice! Who doesn’t need more time? Purchase a Gift Card from Absolutely Clean and let us take care of the cleaning! Good for any occasion, choose the perfect gift, for everyone on your list!

Need to pay a bill? Purchase a Gift card to make payments! We will clean what you want when you want. We have gift cards tailored to each client’s specific needs! Purchase today!


Not only did they calm my sweet dog and comfort him, they cleaned my house impeccably. I mean we’re talking down on their hands and needs scrubbing baseboards. My house has never been so beautiful as it is when Absolutely Clean comes. They don’t use any chemicals in their cleaning products and to make you feel a little more safe, they run background checks on all of their employees.

I just had my very first cleaning with Absolutely Clean today, and I am legitimately in awe at how spotless my home looks! They took my cluttered and dirty house and made it sparkle, and cleaned things I had no idea they would touch like my tower fans and my Keurig?!? Highly recommend to anyone, so sincerely impressed.

Absolutely Clean is my go to cleaning company for my own house and our clients. As an accredited business I must vet all my resources. It’s important to me to use companies that use trained employees and not contract labor. I have been pleased with their services for many years.