Hello, Absolutely Clean family! If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook you know the owner, Stephanie and the public relations manager, Grace (me) went to Savannah, Georgia for a conference last weekend! Boy oh boy was it a blast! We met with so many amazing maid service owners across the country.

We go to these events so that we can continue to grow our company to be better for YOU. You’re more than just clients, you’re our family. The more we learn the more we can provide for you. Our main goal continuing to find ways we can help you save time.

How does attending a conference help with this?  It gets the gears in our minds turning, allows us to focus outside of the office and collaborate with others who have similar goals!

We have so many exciting things coming up this year and the biggest one will be published this SATURDAY so make sure you are following all of our accounts!

Now, enjoy some photos from our trip and have a fabulous Thirsty Thursday!